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One hundred years on the road
Teriberka. Where does the Arctic begin?
Tour to the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas
Navy Day in Severomorsk
Saami village in summer
Valley of glory
Polar Kaleidoscope (Brand route of Russia)

Facilitator – Raduga
25 Cheluskintcev street

tel. (815-2) 45-20-33; 45-48-82

Taste of the North (culinary journey)
Life beyond the Arctic Circle
Tour to the Arctic
Murmansk literary
On the filming locations "Leviathan"
Hunt for the Northern Lights. Night Murmansk
Tour to the Saami village
Tour to Husky Park

Facilitator – Beliy Medved
23 Knipovicha street
tel. . (815-2) 477-177, +7 921-273-19-19

"Murmansk is my broad-shouldered city"
Sightseeing tour across Murmansk in English
Five Corners Promenade (historic city center)
Memorial complex "Valley of Glory"

Facilitator – Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore
90 Lenina avenue

tel. (815-2) 422-589, 422-617, 994-458

"Murmansk from all sides"
"Teriberka - Land's End and Ocean"
"Tundra Park: Saami and Reindeer"
"In Search of Aurora: Aurora Borealis!"

Facilitator – Murmania
17 Knipovicha str.

tel. +7 996-560-06-00; +7 999-270-00-06

Marine Murmansk
Seydozero - a sacred place of the Sami
Sea trip
Night Murmansk
Teriberka: in the footsteps of Leviathan
Severomorsk - the capital of the Northern Fleet

26 Sovetskiy avenue

tel. (815-2) 600-930