Events calendar

Month Description of the event
January Christmas holiday activities
January Theatrical folk festival «Hello, Sun!»
February International festival-creative laboratory among children and youth amateur theater groups «Grani»
March Theatrical festivities «Shirokaya Maslenitsa»
1st decade of March Interregional fair «Spring Caprice»
March Open youth snowball games according to the Yukigassen rules
March, April Traditional International Festival of the North
April International Festival «Bird Barents» (Days of Nordic Culture)
May Gathering-hike to places of military glory «Youth of Murmansk - descendants of soldiers of the Great Victory» (Valley of Glory, 74-76 km road Murmansk - Pechenga)
May 9 Festive events dedicated to Victory Day
May 24 Events for the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture
12 June Festive events dedicated to the Day of Russia
2nd Sunday of July Fisherman's Day Events
September International Sports Festival "Gulf Stream"
1st decade of October Interregional Fair "Autumn Fair"
Early October Traditional mass run "My Murmansk"
October Events dedicated to the City Day - October 4
November International Film Festival «Northern Character»
1st decade of December The grand opening of the city's main Christmas tree
3rd decade of December Fair trade «New Year's Bazaar»