Cat Semyon memorial


02 October 2013 in Murmansk was solemnly opened a monument to the Cat Semyon, which was returning to his owners from Moscow to Murmansk more than for 6 years."In 1987, Sinyshiny family returned home from vacation. Their cat Semyon, exceptive representative of the Siamese breed went with them too. But, during a stop in Moscow, Sinyshiny lost their pet.The hosts had already no hope to see the cat again, when 6 years later pretty shabby Semyon, came to the door of their apartment. It is amazing fact, that returning home cat has walked more than two thousand kilometers".
Cats deed could not remain unnoticed, and now on the site of Semenovskoe lake stays his bronze figure, pleasesing the views of thousands of Murmansk citizens. The memory of his travel is a symbol of animals devotion to their owners.


Place of location - the territory of the "Semenovskoe Lake" Park

Number of route vehicle - trolley busses ╣3, 4, bus ╣ 5, 10, 18

Bus stop - Gagarina str.