The monument to Anatoly Bredov


The Monument to a citizen of Murmansk, Hero of the Soviet Union Anatoly Fedorovich Bredov was opened on the 9th of May 1958 at the cross of Lenin Avenue and Profsouzov Str. 

Three meter bronze statute depicts a soldier at the moment of the highest stretch of his spiritual and physical strength. Face expresses resolution, readiness execute military duty till the end. Fluttering flaps of the ground sheet underlines precipitation of the movement. Soldier’s blouse is clinging to the strong body, highly lifted hand is fastening the shell. All muscles are in tension in this last try. He is leaning with his knee on the stone block, soulless calmness of which contrasts with the full of dynamics figure of soldier.  The Monument is praising patriotism and devotion to the Motherland.

Round-form pedestal is made of almost nontreated northern stone and reminds of the Polar hills, where the hero accepted his last battle. The writing is made on the pedestal: “To Anatoly Bredov – from young communists and the youth of Murmansk”.