The monument to the victims of Intervention in 1918-1920


Memorial to the Victims of intervention, built for the money of people, collected by subscription among the citizens by 10th anniversary of October revolution, 11 years after foundation of the city, is the first monument in Murmansk. The monument is erased above the mass grave of the participants of rebellion against white Guard in Murmansk on the 21st of February 1920.  Burial, according to the tradition of those times, was made in the center of the city, on the waste ground, called the Square of Freedom.  At the same time this square received another name – victims of revolution (Victims of Intervention). And in seven years, it was decided to erect the monument above the grave and coincide it to the anniversary of the revolution. Engineer A.V.Savchenko has become the author of the project.

In 1930 small park was laid out around the memorial. Until the times, big buildings surrounded this place; it had been possible to see considerable part of the city and the Kola Bay from the upper part of the monument. Nowadays the panorama is much narrower, but the park appears as large as life.