Regional Arts Museum


Murmansk regional arts museum – is the only one Museum of fine Arts – it is located in the very center of the city in a cozy park near “Arctic” hotel. The building of the museum was built in 1927, it is the first stone made building in the city.   

Big replanning and reconstruction of former trade center (TPD) and its transformation from the shop to the “Temple of Art” were made in December 1989.   Opening of the museum was devoted to organization of seventh regional exhibition “Artists of the North” in Murmansk.

Basis of the fund collection of Murmansk regional arts museum include works of modern national art. Nowadays the museum counts over 4 thousands of storage units.

Besides scientific and exhibition activity, the museum is actively organizes education work. Lectures, functional membership clubs take place in the museum, there are held meetings with artists, seminars, conferences, concerts, presentations and other activities.