Memorial to «Defenders of Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War» («Alyosha»)


Main part of the memorial is a figure of soldier in the cape with automatic rifle behind his shoulder. The height of the monument’s base is 7 meters. The height of the monument itself is 35,5 meters, weight of the hollow from inside sculpture is more than 5 000 tons. The monument “Alyosha” is the second highest statue in Russia after the “Motherland calls” which is situated in Volgograd.

There is a podium called “Eternal fire” in front of the monument. This podium is made of bricks of black-colored natural stone. There is a slanting triangular pyramid a bit higher up, near the figure of soldier. According to authors’ plan, it is a half-mast battle flag in sign of sorrow for fallen soldiers. Nearby, there is a stele made of polished granite with an inscription: “To defenders of the Arctic - soldiers of 14th Army, 19th Army, Northern Navy, 7th air force, border detachments ¹ 82 and 100, partisan units «Soviet Murman», «Bolshevik of Arctic», «Polyarnik», «Stalinets», «Bolshevik». Glory to defenders of this land!».